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  • Pablo Stanley

    Pablo Stanley

    CEO and cofounder at Blush, bringing illustrations for everyone.

  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

    Work in travel tech. A fan of applying disruptive thinking to age old problems. Passions include writing, reading, ski touring and travel. Opinions are mine.

  • Tania Arellano

    Tania Arellano

    Social Director and Content Creator at tapkit.

  • Michael Margolis

    Michael Margolis

    UX Research Partner at GV (fka Google Ventures). Advising, teaching, and conducting practical research for hundreds of startups since 2010.

  • Tania Vieira

    Tania Vieira

    I am a user experience designer based in Lisbon. I am a problem solver uniting different disciplines like design, business, and technology.

  • Anton Nikolov

    Anton Nikolov

    Searching for pragmatic balance in life. Writing about UX Design, Health and Family-development with the aim to learn and inspire. Parent of 1 lovely girl.

  • Jennifer Clinehens

    Jennifer Clinehens

    Behavior change strategist. Use science and psychology to improve design, CX, UX, marketing, habits — subscribe at

  • The Beam

    The Beam

    The Beam unites the changemakers and innovators in the Global Climate Action movement to amplify their voices. Contact us:

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