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There are many User Experience principles and laws that a Designer should always look to follow. In this article, we’ve chosen a handful that we believe are the most important, and that we personally look to implement regularly. These laws and principles have not just been written by user advocates and Designers like Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman, but also by Psychologists who have years of experience studying human interaction and behaviour.

Some of these principles were coined decades ago, but are still super relevant today, a lot in which can be applied to design as a whole but even…

Like they say ‘knowledge is power’, and although knowledge is becoming faster and easier to obtain online, there’s still something incredibly special, intimate and tactile about reading a book. There’s no distractions, no notifications or noise, just you and a book…and potentially a pen for taking notes.

The internet and tech in general have I’m sure shortened our attention spans, I for one definitely see it in myself. I truly believe forcing yourself to retreat to some quiet space with a book is important to balance this out, I don’t think us humans were made for this constant connectively and…

UX Research, or User Research is a structured study of users, their needs and requirements, which work in tandem with the design process. UX Researchers use a plethora of methods and techniques, to reveal issues and opportunities that can be fed back into the design.

Research is a hugely broad term. There’s an exhaustive amount of different methods, with variations of the same meaning, and to be quite frank it can be intimidating and baffling. …

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Following the first instalment of 10 Tech Trends that Defined 2020, here is part 2 in the series; the touchless workplace, 5G, AI, contact tracing and finally the rise of the streaming services.

The touchless workplace
In a world where physical contact needs to be minimised, we all look at how we can reduce contact with physical surfaces, whether it be the office lift button or a cafe door handle. When we were still travelling on trains, I can remember the morning stand-off, everyone waiting for someone to touch the button, to open the train doors, strange times!

Many retailers…

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As we start a New Year hopeful of returning to a more familiar world, we thought now would be a good time to look back on 2020 and what tech trends emerged over the course of the year.

As Covid-19 took its grip, businesses had to rapidly adapt their systems and propositions to enable them to continue operating during a prolonged period of lockdown. Needless to say, businesses that already placed their digital proposition front and centre were better positioned, but many were able to quickly pivot. …

Usability testing is arguably one of the most useful tools a UX designer can use to gather real insights, as the Nielsen Normal group put it, “the only way to get UX design right is to test it.

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This article will dig deeper into one of our favourite types of testing, remote usability testing.

“If you want a great site, you’ve got to test”
Don’t Make Me Think — Steve Krug

Remote testing is a hot topic at the moment, as people learn how efficient, easy and powerful it can be. When we first started the studio, we had the…

Usability testing is one of the best things people can do to improve web sites (or almost anything they’re creating that people have to interact with).

Rocket Surgery Made Easy — Steve Krug

Image from NN/g

Usability testing, and testing in general, is often overlooked and a lot of the time it gets pushed back until the very last moment of a design, or even the build itself. I’ve been a culprit of this myself, the easy thing to do is to skip testing altogether, and just hope that it will all work out. I did shy away from it as I initially…

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No one was expecting what hit us in the Spring of 2020. As we started to emerge from Winter, it quickly became obvious that an outbreak of coronavirus would have an impact across the globe. Very quickly a quarantine ensued, first in Wuhan, then in other cities in mainland China. Travel began to stop, the movement of people whether on planes or trains began to slow. Wind the clock forward a matter of weeks and huge swathes of Asia, the Middle East and Europe went into lockdown. …

Colour is an interesting topic, which I feel is often overlooked and sometimes under-appreciated. One of the first things I was taught was the power of colour, how it can have an impact on human emotion, and that there should be purpose behind choosing one. I rarely see articles or posts talking about this subject, and because my memory needs refreshing a bit, we decided to write this post to hopefully help others, we hope it comes handy in your next project! …

It’s really surprising how many clients come to us with a similar experience around finding a name for their startup, they find it really hard. Having gone through this process ourselves, we admit it is not the easiest thing to do, however, don’t get too hung up on it, with a few simple exercises you could arrive at several name options in a matter of hours.

The first piece of advice is to think about your brand values, it is very important to always use these as an anchor point to any discussion around business names, are you friendly and…


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